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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 16, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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"nightly news" is next. we're back at 6:00. getting out. hundreds of americans finally evacuated from the quarantined cruise ship off japan. >> we know you have been through a lot. >> the new video from inside their flight back to the united states and now an american from another ship is diagnosed in another country. the flood waters rising across the south parts of one capital city evacuated. rescuers going door to door lees snowmobilers near dead the president revved up his base at the daytona 500 today as democrats collide over health care and campaign spending the voting already underway in the next big caucus. going to extremes to pay off medical debt would you do 500 hours of community service for free surgery?
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plus still standing, elton john breaks down in tears. why had had to cut his concert short. and good news tonight. how the town from romeo and juliet is still bringing soulmates together there's good news this is "nbc this valentine's day nightly news" with kate snow. weekend about finding true love. for decades people used to send good evening, we begin with breaking news on the coronavirus. for nearly two weeks we have been tracking conditions on a cruise ship docked in japan with passengers under letters to juliet of quarantine after an outbreak of romeo and juliet, the virus. today 400 americans were finally allowed to leave the ship addressed to her hometown crews wearing hazmat suits until one day a group of locals decided to write back. >> verona, italy, the escorting them on to two charter flights. fictional especially equipped home of romeo and with isolation chambers juliet everyone on the flight wearing masks. they are bound for a u.s. air here, juliet's legacy force base and will spend two lives on more weeks under quarantine not just through notes stuck between stones, but through thousands of letters sent to the the club here bearing her name >> there are many love in yokahama, japan stories, complicated ones we try to give advice to everyone tonight with the our volunteers reply personally latest each letter. >> reporter: tonight hundreds of americans getting off the diamond princess in an >> reporter: her father started
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the juliet club as a service for the evacuation involving u.s. teens in protected suits. lovelorn in 197234ears old >> i understand you want to go back to the u.s. is that right? >> as long as we'll be safe >> honestly, you're much safer getting off this ship. woman. i would not be on this >> reporter: she and her volunteers answer ship if i were you letters helping mend >> reporter: they were anxious to go. broken hearts all over the in everyone's >> i have to put my life mask on and get going. it can be happy, but it often hurts. >> bye >> reporter: leaving their room after nearly two weeks of >> reporter: six years quarantine >> this will take you ago, nathan harrison to the was feeling unlucky in love airplane and airplane takes you to the >> one night i was feeling pretty down about the way things were going in my life united states and then romantically and i just thought your passport. about this movie i saw once about good with that the >> we know you have been through a lot. we're glad we're getting you home >> getting a chartered juliet club and i started to flight back to the u.s. >> we're exhausted, wonder if that was a but we're on the plane. real thing >> oh, my god, so you write all of them back >> yes >> to face another 14 isolation at a >> you're all juliet military base. >> he found the real club and took a risk. the video showing what she describes as an isolation >> dear juliet, in my chamber on board own humble admiration the cruise ship, a high risk for exposure with another 70 cases confirmed today. of your story, i find
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355 in all and myself seeking advice two-thirds of from you passengers have yet to be tested >> he calls their common sense reply is life changing >> the advice was for me to not give up on love and to pursue my interests, pursue hobbies and and mounting concern about the get out and meet more people cruise ship rejected by docking in cambodia. >> reporter: for nathan, like so many an american woman testing positive, bu others in the juliet hundreds of passengers were archives, true love followed allowed to leave the ship sparking fears the virus could >> sara and i fell in love spread we got married in our friend's those who decided to not take backyard here in colorado the charter can't and little over a year later, we return to the u.s. until march 4th at the earliest according to a letter from the u.s. embassy were blessed with our son, murray. also left behind 46 >> reporter: his americans advice, open your heart >> writing things down in a letter is is a good thing. talk to people about being treated here, what those feelings are and don't like john herring, in give up on love. >> i love that isolation and cut off. >> i think it's what the group answered has to be with the virus i would hate to give this to more than 200,000 notes over the anybody else >> reporter: he wanted years. if you'd like to write his wife to take a flight back to the to them, you can find out more u.s. where returning passengers about where to send the will be tested for the virus letters on our facebook page. when they land and begin a new that's "nbc nightly news" for ordeal this sunday. i'm kate snow. >> janis is with us. you said some a belated happy valentine's day. americans stayed behind for all of us here, have a great what do they need to night. do to get off that ship? >> reporter: they need to stay
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on the ship until japanese xxxx authorities and the quarantine, which should happen on wednesday. but anyone wanting to leave is going to have to test negative for the virus before they can go and for americans returning home is going to take a little longer >> all right, thank you. there's more breaking news tonight. deadly storms sweeping the south. millions are on alert for major flooding at this hour evacuations are underway in mississippi with the governor there warning residents in some areas to leave now. blaine alexander is in jackson, mississippi >> reporter: in jackson, mississippi, the mighty footprint of the pearl river is growing >> it's like your whole street is flooded with water. >> reporter: submerge softball fields steeping into homes and continuing to rise. >> this is a precarious situation. >> reporter: fed by water from the reservoir, the river is expected to crest at 38 feet
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monday, the third highest level in 100 years and now less than 24 hours later, this is as close as we can get. the spot where i was standing yesterday by the fence is now about 50 feet back and surrounded by water. 10 million people are currently under flood warning, including parts of louisiana, georgia, tennessee, and the carolinas. in kentucky teams spent the day surging for a woman who was walking to meet a friend in the flooded area and got swept into the tennessee river. and back in mississippi, wildlife boats are staying busy sailing from door to door urging people to get out and carrying at least four to right now at 6:00, a rare safety >> please be diligent encounter in the south bay, a in what mountain lion attacks a child in you're looking at. if it's time to evacuate, please evacuate cupertino. news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: no hesitation for good evening everyone, i am terry mcsweeney, we continue to la quich follow that breaking news. park rangers are searching for clrks akeisha garrett. that mountain lion right now after attacking that young girl hers is one of a thousand homes in way in that 4,000 acres park. >> i'm not going to worry about it i did the most responsible thing to do to get me and my family out house.
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>> the hundreds of people who had to leave their homes. do we know when they can return >> reporter: the governor says marianne fortunately the 14 once the river crests sometime tomorrow, that we're possibl years old is okay. she was treated by rangers. looking at three to four days, maybe even a week before the water starts to recede and right behind me, you can actually see why you're looking at water gushing from the reservoir into the pearl river that's another main part of the reason why this river is going to keep rising until tomorrow morning. >> thank you late today search crews in colorado recovered the bodies of two men killed in an avalanche. near vail. another person with them was able to dig out of the snow matt bradley has the latest >> reporter: the colorado avalanche information center said tonight the bodies of the two men were recovered beneath the avalanche. rescue workers racing to recover two people nearly 24 hours after three snowmobile drivers triggered an avalanche. near vail.driver, miraculously able to
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get himself out. >> one of them managed to get himself out from underneath the snow he was looking for his other partners and doing some digging getting them out >> reporter: the trip had been a risky one. president's day weekend has seen six deadly avalanches in colorado over the past decade the colorado avalanche information center posted a warning earlier today saying some very large avalanches are prop pa gaiting in surprising and unpredictable ways we are seeing lately the bottom line is we're worried. even the rescue effort was a risk with rescue workers telling volunteers to go home yesterday evening. >> it seemed like it might be too late, too little too late but there could be an air pocket there's always a chance of survival >> it was a deadly weekend for this area. just over 90 miles away at another ski resort, a new jersey man reportedly got tangled in his coat and suffocated while in a ski lift becoming colorado's sixth skii matt bradley, nbc news more severe weather to tell you about, this time in the uk. one of the strongest storms the north atlantic has seen in
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e hu icane strength storm is sweeping through scotland, england, ireland and wales with winds gusting more than 100 miles per hour made for a challenging landing for this plane at heathrow airport. the storm brought massive flooding too covering entire neighborhoods, leaving many stranded inside their homes. early voting has begun in nevada ahead of this week's caucus there it's the next big test for the democratic candidates and they are ramping up critiques of each other. garrett haake is on the trail. in las vegas >> thank you be carson city >> reporter: tonight, democratic candidates descending on nevada mayor pete buttigieg in las vegas hoping to keep his early state hot streak going. >> reporter: you have six days to caucus here how do you keep the momentum going >> i have seen a tremendous amount of energy and ity to reach out to new voters >> reporter: this morning on "meet the press", joe biden hitting bernie sanders on health care a key issue in the silver state >> he's never gotten anything done he's been talking
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about health care and medicare for all and universal healthcare for 35 years. nothing has happened >> reporter: across the state more than 12,000 nevadans cas their ballots in early voting after iowa's stumble, campaigns and voters anxious to avoid a chaotic or confusing caucus process next saturday. >> are you confident the caucus process will go off without a hitch? >> we don't want to be iowa 2.0 i feel so bad for those people >> reporter: the other factor, michael bloomberg riding a wave of multi-million dollar add spending. >> he just can't hide behind the air waves. he has to answer questions. >> he thinks he can buy this election well, i got news for mr. bloomberg. the american people are sick and tired of billionaires buying elections. >> reporter: bloomberg won't be on the ballot in nevada betting on the super tuesday states instead. so far with a laser focus solely on president trump. >> he's not going to bully me,
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and i won't let him bully you either >> garrett is with us. garrett, the big opportunity this week in nevada will be the nbc debate do we know whether mike bloomberg will be there on stage? >> reporter: not yet bloomberg needs to hit one more poll of 10% or better nationally to qualify for the debate for their part, all the democratic candidates want to see him on the stage and a chance to critique his record all the candidates are looking for some opportunity, some small thing to lift them up and help them get across the finish line here in nevada come saturday >> thank you it's going to be a big night. you can watch the democratic debate here on nbc this wednesday night at 9:00:00 p.m. eastern time lester holt will be reporting from las vegas beginning tomorrow night president trump is back in washington tonight after a big day at the daytona 500. the commander-in-chief honored members of the military in front of a crowd of 100,000 race fans.
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the president did not talk politics he officially started the race and took lap on the track in his own ride, the armored 22,000-pound limo known as "the beast. it's been a weekend of touching tributes for kobe bryant and other who is perished in the helicopter crash. fans, players and a former president are honoring kobe at the all-star ceremonies in chicago. sarah harmon reports >> reporter: this one was for kobe and gianna. touching 24.2-second tribute honoring the legend and his daughter at the nba all-star weekend in chicago. >> for us to be able to honor kobe bryant and his legacy, it's a beautiful time >> reporter: it was the first big meeting of the nba family since the tragic crash. and number 24 was on everyone's minds. former president barack obama recalling his final conversation with bryant. >> i asked him, do you miss basketball he said i don't miss it at all. i don't touch a basketball because i'm now just as
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competitive and focused on the second phase >> reporter: the allstars wer personal for kobe. he was the youngest player ever to compete in an all-star game named mvp four times and one of the weekend's most poignant moments nba commissioner, adam silver announced the all-star game mvp award will be permanently renamed to honor the lakers hero >> no one embodied all-star more than kobe bryant >> reporter: ahead of tonight's game, grammy winner, jennifer hudson, wil perform a musical tribute to bryant and the eight others who died in january's fatal helicopter crash the nba community rallying to remember a legend gone far too soon sarah harmon, nbc news still ahead tonight, how an apple watch helped save the life of a teenage boy, but are those high-tech health alertslw ab announcement why he broke down in tears on stage.
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a teenage boy is alive today thanks to his apple watch. it alerted him to poteially dey heart problem. so how accurate are those wearable devices erin mclaughlin reports. >> reporter: a smart watch warning saving a teen's life. the heart rate feature usually nice to know helping monitor workouts and count calories but for skyler jocelyn, it helped diagnose a rare and serious heart condition.
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the then 13-year-old was sitting in class when his apple watch sent an alert >> saying something was wrong with my heart. >> reporter: his heart rate skyrocketed to 190 beats per minute he texted his mom, there's something wrong. >> he's healthy. but he's an athlete. why is my child's heart rate going up >> his mom rushed him to the hospital he was diagnosed with a condition called sdt, that causes rapid heart beat >> his heart rate got up to 280 in the middle of the night. >> reporter: he was in surgery for eight hours. one of a growing number of people whose smart watch detected symptoms of a deadly disease. including blood clot, kidney failure and heart arrhythmias. all by monitoring heart rates. >> one of these things that's a good screening tool, but not something somebody should depend on all the time for everything >> reporter: the tech is getting more and more sophisticated. the fitbits that monitor your heart 24/7 the apple watch series has a feature to allow yourself to
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give yourself an coming up lek to cardiogram electrocardiogram. >> how accurate is a smart watch? >> it's fairly accurate, but it depends on how you put is, how you're wearing it, possibly your skin color >> reporter: doctors keep tabs on his heart using an internal monitor. his future now possible thanks to new technology. erin mclaughlin, nbc news >> glad for this family up next, the extreme ways people are paying off their medical bills. we meet some patients volunteering hundreds of hours in exchange for free surgery snow angels, the inspirational message left for one mom now giving hope to many
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we're back with your money your life. sky high medical bills
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are a growing burden around the country and it's leading a lo of americans to take extreme measures to cover the cost ann thompson explains. >> we raised over $18,000. >> reporter: today desperate americans seek cures for crushing medical bills, in churches >> i want to say thank you. i don't want to cry. >> reporter: online fundraisers, medical campaigns, the number one category on gofundme and viral videos >> all you have to do is ask for an itemized bill with every charge >> reporter: despite a strong economy, medical costs are rising faster than income pushing americans to extreme. a study last year found medical bills led to nearly 60% of individual bankruptcy >> if you're facing an illness with a huge medical bill, you get creative >> reporter: dr. david blumenthal heads the commonwealth fund, a foundation dedicated to improving th economics of health
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care and that he says means lowering costs. >> is it a question of people not being insured or a question of being underinsured? >> both. 30 million americans still lack health insurance and many, many millions of others have insurance that is not adequate to protect them against the cost of care >> reporter: troy bowers says his 12th ankle surgery in six years pushed his family to the brink of bankruptcy >> we carry a burden from past surgeries that we're still working on that debt >> reporter: desperate to relieve the pain, but unable to afford it even with insurance. bowers chose the unique program giving patients the options to pay cash, finance the surgery or pay it off in volunteer hours at charities in norfolk, nebraska >> it's a great opportunity for patients to be able to get careat they need, that they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford >> bowers signed up for 400 volunteer hours. jeff jensen has friends and
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strangers helping cover his 56 hours instead of a $12,000 bill >> i would have had to take out the equivalent of a car loan to do it. >> i had a number of patients who said to me, thank you for allowing me the dignity of being able to help take care of myself >> reporter: doctors and patients finding new ways to afford better health without being buried in bills. ann thompson, nbc news, new york superstar elton john made a surprising and emotional said, that's it, y his voice hoarse, the singer stopped his new zealand concert early because he had walking pneumonia. the 72-year-old thanked fans and broke into tears before being helped off the stage. he's touring as part of his farewell yellowbrick road tour. we're wishing him a speedy recovery and a hospital in
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ohio is sharing a beautiful message meant for one of its patients this is the note carved in the fresh snow outside the cleveland clinic you can see it reads "mom, be brave. it was written by a woman whose mother was in a room above being treated for brain cancer the hospital tweeted out a photo hoping to inspire others going through difficult times. when we come back, special delivery, the volunteers giving advice to hopeless romantics and making matches halfway around the world.
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